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Serving Bereaved Families and the Injured with Their Support

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92¢ goes toward our mission to unite families of innocent bystanders
and work with law enforcement to reduce the number of pursuits
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2015-2016 Fiscal Year
Accomplishments 2015-2016

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A Note of Thanks from Candy Priano

Every financial donation to PursuitSAFETY, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is needed and is very special to me. You have blessed me. You have allowed me to become part of your family. I cannot thank you for all you have done for our cause to save lives.
Earmarked Financial Donations for Our Programs
Kristi Ehrensperger Gellings and David Gellings asked wedding guests to donate to PursuitSAFETY in lieu of gifts. David and Cheryl Ehrensperger duplicated the kind act of David’s daughter when they married a few months later.

Every fall, right around the World Series playoffs and Brian DeWitt’s birthday, Friends of Baseball for Brian celebrate the life of Brian, another innocent victim of an unnecessary police pursuit that occurred in Illinois. Families and friends from the Southwest Side of Chicago offer love and support to Brian’s family. As a result of this all-day baseball tournament, they make a financial donation to PursuitSAFETY.

PursuitSAFETY is a global mission that touches hearts and helps others. Atlanta, Georgia, attorney, Richard Hendrix, Esq, is one of PursuitSAFETY’s most generous donors and advisers. He also provides a copy of the book Streams in the Desert to injured innocent victims and bereaved family members left behind due to vehicular police pursuit and response call crashes.