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Tallahassee, Florida: PursuitSAFETY’s Esther Seoanes of Texas shared her story of personal loss during a class at the Florida Public Safety Institute conference in October. A police pursuit resulted in vehicle crashes that killed Esther’s husband, James, an innocent bystander. She spoke during instructor Thomas Gleason’s class, “Understanding Police Pursuit Policies.”

About 300 officer trainers attended the eighth annual Florida Public Safety Institute conference. Esther said, “We are fortunate to provide a service to help save lives by promoting safety to officer trainers throughout Florida. Our personal stories strive to help change the culture and promote safety first to civilians and police officers.”

Part 2: Esther Describes the Crash that Killed Her Husband, James Williford.

More about Esther

Esther Seoanes talks to you through a
USA Today
Interview, July 2015

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