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We have experienced the tragedy of our loved ones being killed or injured as a result of vehicular police pursuit and response call crashes.

Our pain remains forever within our hearts as we become the voices for our loved ones. PursuitSAFETY welcomes the privilege of recognizing those who create events that honor their loved ones. These events also bring awareness to this public safety issue. We are all working together to make our roads safer.

Three examples of the love that exists through our pain are evident in the following heartfelt events:

Deborah DeWitt w/son BrianIn the fall, right around the World Series playoffs and Brian DeWitt's birthday, Baseball for Brian celebrates the life of Brian, pictured here with his mother Deborah. Brian is another innocent victim of an unnecessary police pursuit that occurred in Illinois. Every year, family and friends from the Southwest Side of Chicago offer love and support to Brian's family and make a financial donation to PursuitSAFETY. Pictures from this annual event show how much his parents, sisters, extended family and friends love this young man. Click here.

James and EstherDuring February, Esther Seoanes honors her husband, James "Awesome" Williford by campaigning for Preventing Broken Hearts. For Esther and James, Valentines Day was always filled with love and joy. Esther says, "Preventing Broken Hearts allows me to raise awareness and monies to continue our work which means we all prevent the tragedy of pursuit from happening to others. Together, we save lives." Click here.

Steven EhrenspergerOne of Steven Ehrensperger's greatest joys in life was helping people who needed a break. He was always helping his friends, coworkers, and would lend a hand to a stranger. Some of the ways that family and friends honor Steven today is through Steven's Legacy of Love. They continue his legacy by helping others in a variety of ways: providing scholarship support to students at Georgia Tech, hosting annual blood drives through the Red Cross, and by financially supporting PursuitSAFETY. Click here to learn about Steven's Legacy.

Remembering Our Loved Ones
On average, police pursuit crashes kill someone every day; at least 1/3 of these deaths are innocent bystanders! In Six Months' Time
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PursuitSAFETY exists because our loved ones are more than a number. Innocent victims of vehicular police pursuit and response call crashes are the people we love. They were law-abiding citizens going about their day-to-day business when they were killed. They are not acceptable collateral damage.