Ingenuity and Team Work Did the Job!

PursuitSAFETY presented its 2011 Safer Way Award to the St. Louis County Police Department in recognition of the work done by two detectives, Justin Adams and John Conrardy.

Using their training, these detectives apprehended thieves who were known for fleeing from the police without a pursuit. They knew the thieves would wait at a rest stop to break into unattended, locked cars, stealing items such as iPhones and cameras. St. Louis County detectives, looking for a safe way to apprehend these thieves, said, "Let's find another way." They captured the suspects without a chase, and the criminals are now serving time in prison. St. Louis County Police Captain Lawrence Stulce shares the full story in the video below.

In 2010, St. Louis County Chief Tim Fitch had heard Candy Priano, PursuitSAFETY founder, speak at an Illinois law enforcement conference. The two had already exchanged phone calls for a few years because of their mutual concern for public safety in regard to vehicular pursuits. During this conference, he told her how his detectives had captured these offenders.

1st Award to St. Louis County

St. Louis County Detectives win Safer Way Award
St. Louis County Police Detectives
(L-R) Justin Adams and John Conrardy

PursuitSAFETY presented its 2011 Safer Way Award to St. Louis County detectives and their captain during its 2011 Family and Friends Connection. Family and Friends provided what we believe was a first — the first time family and friends of innocent victims met face to face! They came from eight states to attend this gathering in St. Louis.

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