This professional team advises us about the complex issues of police pursuits and response calls. They are four career law enforcement leaders, a world-renowned researcher, and a distinguished attorney. These published professionals conduct research studies and write policies.

Ret. Chief Timothy "Tim" Dolan

Ret. Chief Tim Dolan does consulting and board work for public safety programs in Minneapolis and the Police Executive Research Forum, a Washington, D.C., organization that advises law enforcement agencies on policing issues.

Ret. Captain Tom Gleason

Ret. Captain Tom Gleason’s passion for law enforcement training led him to Honor the Badge Police Training, the organization he founded. A trainer for major academies in Florida, Gleason teaches officer safety in such areas as firearms, patrol procedures, and vehicular pursuit policies.

Ret. Police Chief Richard Schardan

Ret. Police Chief Richard Schardan has 36 years of law enforcement experience. He has served as an Illinois Certified Police Chief, IACP New Police Chief Mentor, and a Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis Deputy Commander.

Dr. Geoffrey Alpert

Dr. Geoffrey Alpert has conducted research on high-risk police activities for more than 30 years. He is a founding board member.

Robert L. Bastian, Jr.

Robert L. Bastian, Jr. and his partner, Marina R. Dini have litigated civil rights and constitutional tort issues. He is a founding board member.