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PULL OVER: Have No Regrets
  1. Most drivers who flee are between the ages of 13 and 25.
  2. The #1 reason teens flee is fear. We are talking about teens not involved in a criminal act. They fear that their parents will become angry with them if they get a ticket.
  3. Speakers easily incorporate their interactive PULL OVER presentation into any teen driver-education program.
PursuitSAFETY’s unique drivers’ education program, PULL OVER: Have no regrets, provides a critical missing component to our nation’s teen drivers’ education curriculum: how to interact with law enforcement during a traffic stop. Our speakers successfully incorporate their interactive presentation into any teen driver-education program. We engage the teens. We start by asking questions, and we encourage them to ask us questions. We share with teens the deadly consequences that can occur if they decide to flee from law enforcement. Teens who flee are more likely to crash than not because you have an inexperienced, irrational teen driver engaged in driving recklessly and distracted by the officer in pursuit. Their eyes are on the rear-view mirror and not on the road ahead. Car crashes are the #1 killer of teenagers. No driver-education course is complete without PULL OVER: Have no regrets. Let’s start with you and get PULL OVER included in every driver’s education classroom. Our speakers provide teens with the ten things they need to know when stopped by police. Your teen will hear how on any given day, PursuitSAFETY receives stories from across the country and around the world about how a teenage driver has fled from the police with deadly results. The majority of these teens were not committing a crime. These violent crashes take their lives, the lives of their younger siblings and friends, and innocent bystanders. And death is not the only outcome: teens suffer from life-altering injuries like paralysis, severed limbs, and faces marred for life due to fire when a vehicle explodes.  
Teen driver fled from police. He lost control of the car. The vehicle overturned and caught ablaze. The driver escaped from the car, but his two friends remained trapped inside the burning vehicle.

Candy Priano, taking a break with daughter, Kristie, during an ice skating excursion. Kristie, 15, traveling with her parents to her high school basketball game, became one of the hundreds of innocent bystanders who die each year across the nation from police pursuit crashes. A teenage driver had taken her mother’s car without permission. During the Chico, CA, pursuit, she crashed into the Prianos’ van.

Esther Seoanes on her wedding day to James Williford aka “Awesome James.” He was helping a friend dying of cancer. His life ended when a shoplifter and car thief fleeing police in Austin, TX, crashed into his truck.

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