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Advocacy for Innocent Victims

Central to PursuitSAFETY’s® mission is our passion to provide a safe place for injured victims of pursuit and bereaved families—a place for them to turn to for the support they need.

Drivers Education for Teens

PursuitSAFETY’s unique drivers’ education program, PULL OVER: Have no regrets, provides a critical missing component to our nation’s teen drivers’ education curriculum: how to interact with law enforcement during a traffic stop.

Education & Awareness

Our team members travel around the country to speak to officers and the public about how pursuits impact the innocent bystander. Each year our team distributes 5,000 PursuitSAFETY handouts: from fact sheets to teen driver education rack cards.

Preventing Broken Hearts in Memory of James Williford

“Preventing Broken Hearts allows me to raise awareness and money to continue our work to reduce the number of unnecessary pursuits and, consequently, prevent the tragedy of pursuit from happening to others. Together, we save lives.”

– Esther Seoanes

Safer Way Award

PursuitSAFETY’s Safer Way Award® recognizes law enforcement officers and department leaders from the United States and Canada who reduce reliance on vehicular police pursuits by finding safer ways to apprehend suspects.

Steven’s Legacy of Love

Some of the ways the Ehrensperger family and friends honor Steven today is through “Steven’s Legacy of Love.”

They continue his legacy by helping others in a variety of ways: hosting annual blood drives through the Red Cross, and by financially supporting PursuitSAFETY.

Virtual Bags for Brian

Family, Friends, and Love: Every September to commemorate Brian DeWitt’s birthday on September 26, friends and family take us to a place that Brian would enjoy: the ballpark or a hall where we challenge family, friends, and even strangers to a Corn Hole Tournament.

Due to COVID, the planners decided to go with a virtual “Bags for Brian 2020.” Your donation will support PursuitSAFETY’s top three programs listed below. Thank you for your gift in Brian’s name!

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