As you celebrate the month of LOVE in February, we ask that you remember us, and our loved ones who can’t be here.

Remember us by participating in PursuitSAFETY’s “Preventing Broken Hearts” fundraising campaign. PursuitSAFETY is a national nonprofit organization working with the public and law enforcement to prevent the tragedy of vehicular police pursuit and response call crashes from happening to others!!

Life can be unpredictable; and when loved ones are taken from us so quickly, our hearts shatter into millions of pieces. In order to minimize the unnecessary pain associated with such deaths, PursuitSAFETY provides support to bereaved families and injured victims. Through our annual Safer Way Award, we recognize law enforcement agencies and officers who make our roads safer. We campaigned on Capitol Hill for funding to support pursuit reduction technology.

Each floating heart has a picture of an innocent victim of a police pursuit or response call crash. Please help us prevent another floating heart. Your donation will help us fund our victims’ advocacy programs and law enforcement educational training tools.

Like all national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, PursuitSAFETY relies on donations. Join our “Preventing Broken Hearts” campaign by clicking here to donate!!

We will succeed with your help.

Thank you kindly,
Esther Seoanes Executive Director PursuitSAFETY
Pursuit Safety is a non-profit