Posting blogs on behalf of PursuitSAFETY is retired Captain Thomas “Tom” Gleason. Pictured here, Tom is visiting the memorial for his son Pvt. Brian Gleason, a passenger in a car driven by another military police officer. Tom’s passion for law enforcement training led him to Honor the Badge Police Training, the organization he founded. A trainer for major academies in Florida, he teaches officer safety in such areas as firearms, patrol procedures, and vehicular pursuit policies.

Career law enforcement leaders and trainers, as well as PursuitSAFETY’s team members, will post blogs on this page. Some of our most recent blog posts are below!


Meet Esther Seoanes

It is so important to me that I provide the best possible care for my patients, to improve their overall health with the goal of restoring them to their pre-acute illness condition. My job is demanding, but restoring patients to their baseline health provides me with great pleasure and fulfillment. I take my inspiration from […]

Human Reaction Under Stress

By Officer David Pienta I remember the first time I had someone run from me on a traffic stop. I was still a rookie. I was partnered up with a full-time deputy, waiting for my FTO training to begin formally. It was a clear night. My partner was driving. The department’s chase policy was not to […]

Pursuit Policy Types: Restrictive, Discretionary, or Discouraging

Life can change in an instant. One day, I’m married to a beautiful, healthy man named James “Awesome” Williford, and the next minute, he’s gone, killed instantly by a police chase. What? How does this happen? What exactly happened? Chaos ensues, and I am catapulted into a world of darkness and despair. James is gone […]


If you are not familiar with the term PIT, it stands for Precision Immobilization Technique. The first large law enforcement agency to teach PIT as a technique to halt fleeing vehicles was the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department, which modified the program for police use. The video below shows a PERFECT example of the PIT being […]

Movies, Video Games & Reality

We watch movies and video games that glorify the ultimate police chase. Everyone is on the edge of their seats hoping the protagonists ditches the police, dodges the busy streets and comes out victorious! It’s simple, in Hollywood movies, video games, simulations, etc. you can always walk away. In real life, police chases often end […]

Meet David Pienta

PursuitSAFETY is fortunate that David agreed to blog for us. He, too, wants to save lives. David represents many in law enforcement who sign up for this challenging profession to help people in their time of need. He has worked in the criminal justice industry for eleven years as an application developer and has served […]

‘Innocent People Can’t Keep Dying’

After a number of fatal police chases in New Zealand resulting in the loss of one or more innocent victims, the world is starting to question whether or not police need to change their pursuit policies? Retired Police Captain, Tom Gleason of Tallahassee, Florida, helps us answer this question during a New Zealand podcast. Gleason […]

Deciding to Save a Life

by David Pienta (below) Too many times we see officers pursuing a vehicle and that pursuit leading to wrecked vehicles (including patrol vehicles), injuries (including officers), and even deaths. So when should you pursue? Below, I will walk you through a decision-making ladder to explain the decision-making process. The very first question we must ask: If […]

Be Careful Out There

by David Pienta On Average, Errant Police Response Calls and Pursuits Take the Lives of At Least Three Innocent Civilians Every Week. [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, FBI.] As a certified law enforcement instructor, I am always reviewing social media, videos, and other media trying to get information to use in training. Unfortunately, I see many posts […]

We Rely On Journalists to Establish the Facts of Pursuits

by Ellen Deitz Tucker                    Every week we see the stories—reports of innocent bystanders killed as a result of law enforcement pursuits. These stories recall our own pain when loved ones were killed in this way; yet we read them to their end. Someone must bear witness. […]