In 2024, reports show the death toll is rising from one a day to 

Almost Two a Day—Killed by Police Pursuit Crashes
more than 1/3 of those killed are innocent bystanders

Thousands suffer life-altering injuries.

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PursuitSAFETY: Working for a safer way

Glenn Morshower, PursuitSAFETY’s spokesman, shares our goal to prevent the tragedy of police pursuit from happening to other law-abiding civilians and police officers. After finishing one of our many projects, he called to say that he valued being a part of PursuitSAFETY because “lives are being both honored and saved by our videos.” Civilians, law enforcement trainers, and other road safety organizations use PursuitSAFETY’s educational materials and videos to get the word out about the inherent risk of danger to innocent bystanders as a result of police pursuits and response calls.

It has everything to do with risk versus reward. Where the suspect poses no immediate danger to the public, it’s the chase itself that causes the threat. This is a pro-law enforcement campaign. I am a huge supporter of what it is police do. Policy and procedure are there for a reason and need to be followed.” —Glenn Morshower

Kristie’s Law

“Kristie’s Law” was a California state bill introduced by Senator Sam Aanestad in 2004. The bill’s statewide policy came under fire by law enforcement unions and did not pass. The 2006 pursuit law that did pass was a counterproposal to Kristie’s Law and what the Prianos refer to as the “do-nothing law.”

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